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What other advanced targeting can the iSocialBoost team do?2018-04-23T16:40:46-06:00

We thought you’d never ask. We can do so much and have a few secret weapons up our sleeves. For example we can target business accounts, private accounts, accounts that must have a profile picture. So lets just say since we have been doing this a while, we have really learned some cool tricks in getting you true organic followers, you know followers with a pulse.

Can I target users based on their sex?2018-04-23T16:27:26-06:00

Yes, we have recently built this feature in. Just let us know and we can target either men or women. By default we target everyone.

What is the White List and how does it work?2018-04-23T16:26:03-06:00

Our system will automatically unfollow people after it interacts with them, thus the reason we created the White List. When we bring you on as a new client we White List up to 1500 of the accounts you follow, but we understand you will want to follow people and not have them deleted. Simply go to your Report Dashboard and click on White List. You can then search, add, and delete users.

What is Direct Message Assassin?2018-09-18T14:20:30-06:00

Direct Message Assassin is a special tool we developed to send a DM (Direct Message) to a new follower. A perfect example for this is thanking someone for following your page, offering a coupon code, or even directing them to like your facebook page. Devins favorite is playing the numbers game for dates, you could simply hit on 100% of your new followers and with an average conversion rate of 2%, well you’ve just got your Friday and Saturday nights planned😂 For $5 a month, you really cannot beat that.

How do I cancel my subscription?2018-04-23T16:14:03-06:00

Canceling is easy with iSocialBoost. We are marketers by trade and understand how frustrating it can be to cancel a subscription service. Simply login to your account and click on the “My Account” menu item. Then under Account Details you will see a cancel button.

I just signed up, why cant I see any details on my account?2018-04-23T16:10:27-06:00

iSocialBoost is a managed service, meaning we actually build out your target audience so you are getting the best quality followers. Our reporting system has to gather data and it can take up to 48 hours to display your awesome reports.

How many add-on accounts can I have?2018-04-23T16:10:45-06:00

Right now our system is setup for just one add-on account, but we may be able to do custom adjustments for the right client.

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