We are excited to announce iSocialBoost now has an Affiliate Program! We tested it, and worked out the kinks, now we are ready to rock!

Lets get the basic questions out of the way.

What is an Affiliate Program?

I’ll put it this way… You send us a client that clicks through your unique link, they sign up, and you earn a commission!

How much will I earn for each referral?

We at iSocialBoost are paying out $40 per signup you bring us. Thats right, might just be the easiest $40 bucks ever. Literally post your link, give some good words and let the affiliate tracking platform do the rest. Really its that easy.

Im not computer savvy, this sounds confusing. Is it really easy?

We are glad you asked, so we went ahead and took some screen shots to help you grab your very own link.

Step 1: Once logged into iSocialBoost.com you will automatically be redirected to the “Member Homepage“. From the Member Homepage click on “Affiliate Area“.




Step 2: Once in the Affiliate Area you will see Your affiliate ID is: xxx. That ID is how our system will track whoever goes through your link. That ID needs to be appended to the end of the URL i.g. https://www.isocialboost.com So to append your unique ID you simply need to make sure after the .com you have /?affid=yourid. In the provided screenshot below you can see /?affid=3.


That’s all there is to it! Simply copy your own unique link and share it with anyone, post it in classifieds, post it on a wall, send it to a friend. The link works on all popular browsers, mobile or desktop.



  • Your link has a 30 day cookie. (if someone clicks your link the first time, and comes back within 30 days without clicking your link, You will still receive a commission)
  • Payouts will be verified and issued on the 1st of the month. If the first of the month lands on a Saturday, Sunday, or Federal Holiday, your payment will be issued the following business day. 
  • Payouts will be check or Paypal. 
  • You must remain an active user of iSocialBoost to receive your commission payment.
  • Super Affiliates (10 sales a day or more) will get special treatment i.g. custom graphics and or landing pages.



If you have anymore questions, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]